Saturday, September 15, 2007

Illustration from the Bible.

So this piece has an interesting story behind it.

I decided one day that I was a bit worn out on doing the normal figure drawing workshop routine that I’m use to. Not to say that the routine is bad, but it concentrates more on quick sketching than more refined work. So I got a piece of illustration board from my community college and brought it to the workshop. After finding out we wouldn’t get the chance to do a long pose that session I decided I’d just do my own thing and turn one drawing into an illustration. So I captured an okay likeness of the model and thought about I might want to do for the subject matter. It’s hard to think of what context a tasteful context to put a naked woman in for the kind of illustration I focus on. Then I figured why not turn it into a bible picture like they use to do in past centuries. The only one I could think of that would work was Eve and the serpent. Truth be told I was a little bit concerned that it would be to risqué, and people might read something Freudian into the snake and the fruit but I guess you can’t control what people think.

Hah maybe I should have just done the classic censorship thing and given her long hair.

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