Friday, September 26, 2008

Drawing with charcoal powder

An illustrator I know recently asked me about what drawing with charcoal powder is like. I tried my best to explain it but I'm not sure I did it justice. So here are some pictures I took of my set up in class. I feel like they do a better job of explaining it than I would verbally. Anyway, it’s a far more tone based approach than drawing with a stick of charcoal or a charcoal pencil.

Comparing the two ways of applying charcoal to cast drawing that we've learned I think I kind of like this one better. Both methods have their strength (and I've kind of tried to use a hybrid of the two as you can see in the tops two pictures), but the brush and powder really helps you think in terms of tonal arrangements.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I spy with my little eye...

Something white.

Here's another picture from my cast drawing class.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cartoony sketch.

So I did something really cathartic this weekend. I sketched a cartoony character, from a story I came up with years ago, on a sheet of ugly, wrinkled, old paper. This may not seem like much of a big deal but to me it was. You see most of my creative energy is being poured into school work and the upcoming show our class is putting on. Sadly I have very little time for things like this. It was so cool to sketch something that was just for fun with no strings attached. It wasn't for school, or a big project or anything just a way to kill time.It's also great to be able to sketch something cartoony again. It's what I want to do in life (as a career.) I have a natural inclination towards cartooning, and though I've been trying to fight it for the better part of a year I love being able to explore that side of my art again.