Saturday, November 3, 2007

Master copy.

In some of our classes at Laafa we have to copy old master drawings for homework. In this particular one we were required to do it through a method called sight size. In that method you copy the drawing/cast/model line for line by making measurements with a plumbline rather than sketching it. Hard, tedious, and sometimes pointless work, but you can really come up with some nice work if you do it well. So what do you folks think of this one? My own drawing is on the right.

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Leonardo Alannis said...

Hey steve how are things going?

It looks nice alright, although I was never too fond of that measuring things while drawing.

As Mich wrote once " let the compass be in the eye" or something to that effect.

Interesting for you I'm sure of it, hope you are learning well.

Have you gotten any illustration gigs since graduation?