Sunday, July 20, 2008

Farewell Avatar.

Over Three and a half years ago I first layed eyes on commercials for a new Nicktoon about a kid who’s destiny it was to save the world. It seemed like such an adventure, and so different than most Nicktoons. I sat and enjoyed that first episode about two kids discovery of an amazing being that could save the world. Several years later that story has come to an end and I feel so satisfied with it. A wonderful story, well told, and while not always perfect perhaps the best action cartoon this country has ever produced. Dare I say it anime fans, but at points it even trumped many Japanese shows I’ve seen in story, imagination, and heart.
Nitpicks aside this wonderful special deserves an A. This was a strong finale, to a strong series that deserved all the praise it got. Farewell Avatar, you will be missed and I fear we will not see your like again for a long while.

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