Friday, October 24, 2008

A new drawing (and a word about genocide)

Just finished drawing this piece which was a "redo" of a drawing I did in 2007 about the current situation in Western Sudan. In the last year or so I've learned so much more about drawing that I felt I could finally do this subject, which I feel so strongly about, justice. In reality this is an issue that our media hasn't payed attention to like it should.

The original drawing and info about the conflict can be found here. new drawing will be exhibited at the Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra California from Oct. 25 to Nov 2 as a part of the Laafa Atelier student show.


REE said...


What's good, man?

Yo, the pieces look great!! I'm really impressed!

Once again, your opening landed on the same day as previous plans. But kudos for actually letting me ahead of time :)

All i can say is keep the pencils sharp and keep creating beautiful and inspiring stuff!

Stephen James. said...

Thank you.