Saturday, November 7, 2009

Folds and still life.

The first picture is a cloth that I hung up on a wall and drew for a couple of weeks. It was for a drapery and folds class. The intent of the class was for the students to practice painting folds, but I decided that I wanted to work on my drawing instead. Recently I've started to believe that values, drawing and edges are pretty much 4/5ths of the painting process with color being the icing on the cake. Color is just the thing that people tend to notice first.

One of my teachers put it in a way that I really liked.

"Color gets all of the attention, but value does all the work."

In other words color is the pretty sister that can get by on looks, and value is the smarter, less popular one that she has to cheat off of to get a passing grade.

The second picture is from my color and composition class. The idea was to balance two elements that by themselves tend to garner attention in picture making. In this one I decided on contrasting a relatively detailed, but vauge object with a simplified representation of a human face. Strangely enough some people thought that the vaugely defined object was a hunk of meat and that I was making some kind of anti-meat statement. Truth be told it was a lump of sculpting clay. I can see why some people would think it was meat though.

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