Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lizard family.

Big project from the Summer.

This was a piece I started working on in late May. It's from a series of books I want to write and illustrate one day.
Interesting story behind the type of paper I was using. We were at Costco one day and we found these huge pieces of paper lying around. I touched one and really thought it had an interesting, rough, grainy, texture or tooth to it. I figured it would be a cool thing to experiement with, especially with a dry media like pastels (possibly my favorite medium.) So after being assured that the people at Costco didn't mind we picked it up, we put it in our van and drove home with it. Weird how these things happen.
In any case on days where I worked on it, I usually did so while watching daytime talk shows, Stargate (which became a guility pleasure of mine thanks to my former roomate), or Star Trek. I've found it's easier for me to get big projects done when I have some kind of backround noise. When it's really quiet I just, I don't know, get bored.

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