Monday, August 20, 2007

R.I.P Mike Weringo.

I was going to post something about my trip to Hawaii but I came home to some rather sad news today. Mike Weringo, in my opinion one of the greatest comic book artist in recent memory, passed away suddenly on the 12th of this month.

Mike Weringo was the kind of artist that was an inspiration to pretty much everyone who saw his work. His art was carictured, but grounded in a strong knowledge of drawing and technical draftsmanship. His style was loose and fun, but not so much that it couldn't take on serious subject matter when needed.

His run along with Mark Waid on Fantastic Four was one of my favorite runs on any comic. Before that time I had always liked comics, his art and Waid's writting on that book helped me learn to love them. When I see the art from those books I always remember those days in 2002-2003 and I remember them fondly.

He was also relentless in posting new sketches to his blog, often updating up to three times every week. After years of reading I had just begun posting on his blog over the last month or so, and he took time out to actually address my questions specifically. A great talent and, from the times I've gotten a chance to interact with him, I can tell a great heart.

We will not see his like again for a long while.

Rest in peace Mike.


Mark said...

I have loved Mike Weringo's Art since IMPULSE for DC. What he did on Fantastic Four I would rank up there with Jack Kirby and John Byrne who are two of my most favorites. It is sad to know that we will never see any more new work from this accomplished artist ever again. The best to his family and God Bless you Mr. Weringo.

Stephen James. said...

He truly was an awesome artist, gone way before his time.