Monday, January 7, 2008

Merfolk comment.

I posted my picture of the mer people on another site and this is the comment I got.

"Nice, my only critique would be about her fish part. Not that I'm any expert on Merpeop... Merfolk, I've never donated to or worked for the Rainbow Corallition, but to me her knee area, looks like a knee. I think it would bend less sharply, like his bottom half. But then maybe that wouldn't give her that lady-like pose. I'd hate for him to get her home and just when he's putting the moves on her, he reaches around to caress... "hey what's this zipper next to your fin?!" zzzzziip! Wha!?! You have legs!!? What are you, a surface dweller? Then all the racial slurs just start flinging, they call Al Sharkton, and the next thing you know it's national news. Maybe even global. Do we really want to put them through that?"

Had to share that.

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