Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crayon drawing.

Some time ago I began to think about those classic Crayola crayons that we all drew with as kids. For some reason as a medium the crayon has never been given much respect in the art world. Oil pastels, which in many ways have a similar (if somewhat softer) texture seem to be much more acceptable. That was kind of interesting to me. I began to think about it as a more mature artist. Is the crayon the tragic victim of mediumism (my new word for prejudice against certain art supplies patent pending) or is really something that we should leave behind as we leave kindergarden? With that in mind a couple years ago I found some crayons and just started coloring with them like we all did when we were younger. This quick sketch of a zombie guy was the result.
Anyone have any thoughts about the drawing, or crayons in general?

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