Sunday, February 3, 2008


So for the last couple weeks I've been giving vegitarianism a try. No meat or fish for me, so as a result I have actually ventured into the previously terrifying world of soy based products. Ladies and gents I have actually consumed veggie chicken nuggets (sounds silly huh?) As I was driving home with a box of these veggie nuggets I began to think about what a Veggie chicken would actually look like. Sure it couldn't be any more Frankenstenien then what routinely goes into most genetically engineered food on the shelves, but the thought was fascinating. So here it is the rare and elusive Vegichicken (Gallus Vegusficticious.)

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Leonardo Alannis said...

hey man

theyre not really making "fun" per se, but more like saying its "boring" and "its all been done before" and "im just regurtitating"


Hope your classes are going well?