Saturday, May 3, 2008

Photo copy.

I've been trying to be less cartoony in my drawing style. So for the last three weeks I've devoted myself almost totally to copying Charles Bargue, and photos. Here's one from one of my mom's educational magazines. Freshly torn from my sketchbook.


galvinator said...

I saw your post on the dboard and decided to have a gander at your blog. Nice stuff man. Unfortunate about that anonymous dude's comments, but watch your back there, could be someone you know. Anyway, just after havin a look through all your stuff, your definitely goin in the right direction. Just take the knocks as they come cause there will be plenty more along your career. All I'd say about what I've seen of your stuff, and more especially the portraits of your life drawing model, is not to be afraid to break your fingers with your lighting. When it's dark in black and white go completely dark. Grayscale any photograph and there are always completely black areas. It's the one form in art where it's okay to go that way. I used black in an oil painting once and I was slated by my old classmates and teachers. Anyway lovely stuff man keep pluggin.

galvinator said...

Yeah keep it goin man, you're definitely in the right city to break into the industry. Keep the work ethic goin you'll definitely make it.
Good stuff