Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dinotopia event at Storyopolis.

I had the distinct pleasure of attending a Dinotopia event at Storyopolis on Saturday. James Gurney the author/artist behind the book series was in attendance promoting the newest book Journey to Chandara. I finally got to meet him after emailing him on and off for a year, so it was wonderful. Rereading Dinotopia in college was one of the big things that set me on the course towards illustration as career. My brother had bought the book when I was in 4th grade. I appreciated the dinosaurs, as I've always been a huge Paleontology nut but it wasn't until I became focused on art myself that I really learned to love these books. Another book James Gurney co-wrote The Artist Guide to Sketching (with believe it or not Thomas Kinkade) is one my favorite books on the subject of drawing ever The way of thinking about drawing just resonated with me. It was great getting to talk to him about art, the books, and all sorts of things.
Silly fanboy picture books are for kids! That's the lie they told me!!!! Nah seriously, the way I'm grinning like an idiot in this picture is likely to shock, and possibly scare people who know me well. What can I say though, great books all three.

James Gurney signing someones book, and a kid in the background.

My signed book in all it's glory.

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Leonardo Alannis said...

wow, its great when you get to meet childhood heroes.

Its even better when they are accesible people.