Friday, December 21, 2007


Okay so here’s the piece I’d been working on off and on since early October (before the semester.) Originally I was thinking that the theme would be “Love without prejudice.” I had started thinking about all the stuff interracial couples have to go through and this came to me. Eventually it just became my own personal outlet for my creativity as I was hard at work with LAAFA stuff. It wasn’t about getting it “done” it was just about drawing something completely independent of class work. I must have been a weird sight drawing this thing during my breaks at school (though people sketching is not an unusual site at our school.) It was done in Blue col-erase pencil on Crescent 300 illustration board.

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Leonardo Alannis said...

hey man wats up?

My computer crashed so i was offline for a while, anyways how are your holidays thus far?

Hey lets go to the zoo this coming week waddayasay?