Friday, December 7, 2007

More fun with my new best friend Mr. Bargue!!!

Okay so here is another sight-size copy from one of my classes at LAAFA. Obviously, I'm still working on this one.

We have two classes that teach us to draw via the sight-size method. One is cast drawing, and the other is a figure drawing class. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of sight-size it basically means you measure the drawing line by line using a plumbline/ruler then copy it in the adjacent space.

This method was really hard for me at the start of the semester. Pretty much all of my life drawing before this was focused on my aspirations to work in animation/illustration. Those fields tend to emphasise using your imagination while drawing the model. Sight-Size is very much the opposite and can be a rude transition for those of us more accustomed to the former way of thinking. I think it's even given me eye strain problems at some points!!!

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a. alannis said...

hey steve

i just saw your vids, thanks for sending me those. Sorry I missed your visit but I'll be there monday around 7 if you wanna get a cup of tea.

My computer has crashed so i have to find alternate means to access my blog.


whats new with you?

i see your fig. drawing class is going supoib!